Top Best News Free Press Release Newswire Mon, 08 Feb 2016 08:48:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 HealthRise Solutions Announces Appointments to New Advisory Board /news/352674 Mon, 08 Feb 2016 08:48:41 +0000 /?p=352674 (Southfield, MI – February 8, 2016) David Farbman, CEO of HealthRise Solutions, announced today the inaugural members of the HealthRise Advisory Board. Joining the board in February are Florine Mark, David Victor, Rich Helppie, Andrew Echt and David Madgy. The Advisory Board will be a source of objective advice and insight for the revenue cycle improvement company, bringing a diverse blend of experience, knowledge and industry expertise.

“There comes a moment in every company’s growth when an influx of experts is a game changer,” said David Farbman. “This board is a powerhouse that will help drive HealthRise to achieve greater success for our partners in lifting revenue and improving revenue cycle operations throughout the country.”

In 2012, Farbman co-founded HealthRise Solutions with Peter Davis, CEO of Impact Management Services, and Oakwood Healthcare (now a part of Beaumont Health). The HealthRise team worked hand-in-hand with Oakwood’s existing revenue cycle team to substantially lift revenue at the $1.2B health system. HealthRise currently works with several major hospital systems totaling approximately $5 billion in net patient revenue. The company also has several near-term engagements and is poised to grow rapidly in the times ahead.

On joining the HealthRise Advisory Board, David Victor commented, “In today’s challenging healthcare environment, providers ensuring they’re paid for all services rendered is no longer a ‘nice to do’ it’s a ‘must do.’ This isn’t just a key component of fiscal health for healthcare organizations, it’s now an important piece of the national healthcare affordability puzzle. HealthRise is an entrepreneurial company wholly devoted to this mission with professionals who are passionate, smart, hardworking and dedicated to maximizing their clients’ revenue cycle success. And HealthRise’s successes to date have been profound, not marginal, and they’re just getting started. I’m excited to be involved with a Michigan-based company positioned to have such important impact.”

Richard Helppie added, “Payment systems in healthcare are undergoing change. HealthRise understands how to meet this challenge.” Dr. David Madgy said “With every regulatory change and industry shift, healthcare billing and collecting gets more complicated. HealthRise has demonstrated that they are ahead of the curve on these changes, allowing hospitals to focus on what they do best: treat patients.”

“I have had the great opportunity to work with David and the Farbman family on many Detroit community efforts for the last 15 years.  I am extremely proud of the business and philanthropic leadership David is carrying forth in forging such a positive difference for Detroit’s growth, enhancing the local health care system, and providing exciting job and career opportunities for a significant cadre of Detroit young professionals.  I look forward to facilitating David’s momentum and help maximize business success in order to achieve the collective vision of enhancing Detroit’s overall vitality,” said Andrew Echt.

The 2016 members of the HealthRise Advisory Board are:

Florine Mark, President and CEO of The WW Group, Inc., based in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For more than 30 years, Florine has used her knowledge, influence, energy and resources to help people help themselves. Florine is the leading U.S. franchise holder of Weight Watchers International. The WW Group, Inc. is an internationally recognized weight loss enterprise; Oprah Winfrey recently acquired 10% of the company.

David Victor, President and CEO, American Educational Institute, a national, accredited
sponsor of continuing education for physicians, dentists, attorneys and affiliated healthcare professionals. He is the past national president of AIPAC and is currently on the national board of directors.

Richard Helppie, Founder and managing partner of Vineyard Capital Group, LLC and co-founder of Santa Rosa Consulting Inc. in 2007 and serves as its chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Andrew Echt, COO of Arbor Investments and Director of Applebaum Family Philanthropy. He was formerly the Chief Financial Resource Development Officer of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.

Dr. David Madgy, former Chief of the Otolaryngology department at Detroit Medical
Center, is among the attending staff at Providence Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital and is a professor of Otolaryngology at Michigan State University.

HealthRise Solutions is an end-to-end revenue cycle improvement company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, dedicated to achieving sustainable lift for health care systems. Learn more at

MEDIA NOTE: For more information or to speak with David Farbman, please contact Tina Fleming at or 248/613-3898.


Finding Your Way to Heaven Without a Smartphone /news/352275 Fri, 29 Jan 2016 22:43:54 +0000 /?p=352275 Sarasota, Fl., January 26, 2016 – First Edition Design Publishing has announced the worldwide release of ”Finding Your Way To Heaven Without a Smartphone.” In clear, everyday, jargon-free language, the author, Joe Obidiegwu, shares unique, thought-provoking, insights on what it means to be human in our startlingly dehumanizing smart device saturated age.  Drawing from personal life stories that began in a small village in Africa, Mr. Obidiegwu patiently and quietly guides the reader on a revealing journey of cultural inquiry and self examination,  exploring the hidden histories, philosophies, and religious traditions that subtly but fundamentally inform and shape how we exist and how we experience our world.  His captivating narratives bring to life in vivid terms the divine purpose underlying human existence, enabling the reader to engage in active self revelation and empowering awareness and understanding.  Parents of all ages, teachers, and anyone in the position to directly influence the life of another human being will find this book valuable. It speaks directly to middle-aged readers because they are at the stage where life is often viewed as a futile ”war of attrition” against Father-time rather than a ”laborious voyage of love.” The reader among other things will learn:


1.There is a real difference between intelligence and wisdom

2. Life challenges are the indispensable ingredients for growth

3. Aging is not a curse but nature’s only way of opening our eyes to wisdom

4. The human being is inherently related to the universe in a verifiable way

5. Life is not a race to achieve high social status in society, but rather a long and slow transformational process towards human excellence


Quotes from readers:

Jay Margolis

”Well written and entertaining, I learned a lot about history, philosophy, religion and cultures. The author has an incredibly wide knowledge on a variety of subjects. Most of all it got me to think about how I am living my life and what changes I might make”


Marjorie Suydam

Joe brings incredible insight to both the differences and sameness in our cultures. He tells his story with great humility, laced with humor, compassion and a deep, non judgemental  understanding of his fellow man”


Paulette Defazio

Joe’s unique writing style incorporates very personal experiences and insights that guide the reader to question his/her own understanding and connectivity, purpose and meaning to our life’s journey which is filled with challenges and rewards



A refreshing account of life’s journey. This book is an elegant example of what it means to be a human being, sharing love and spiritual engagement with our world”



About the author

Joe Obidiegwu is currently teaching philosophy at Nya Tiden Montessori Skola in Sweden, where he is working on finishing the second part of this book, due to be released in the Fall of 2016. His mission is to make Emotional intelligence (human wisdom) a part of mainstream school education curriculum. You can contact him via:

Sell Your Motorhome For the Best Possible Price in a Matter of Days! /news/352210 Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:36:10 +0000 /?p=352210 The UK’s Leading Internet Motorhome Buyer Makes Selling Your Pre-owned Campervans and RVs Faster and Easier Than Ever!

If you are looking to sell a used camper, Recreational Vehicle or similarly kitted out motorhome online in order to avoid expensive advertising costs whilst removing the need to deal with disrespectful timewasters who turn up on your doorstep only to offer you a fraction of the cash sum you reasonably expect  for your treasured home from home, then the great news is that help is always reliably at hand thanks to the simple and honest buying services offered by the dedicated team at Sell My Motorhome.

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Whether you are looking to part company with an impeccably maintained used motorhome that has been in the family for a considerable number of years that is still in perfect working condition, or you have recently acquired a new campervan as part of a bereavement settlement that is simply of no use to you, the team at Sell My Motorhome have upgraded and streamlined the entire procedure of selling a used RV so that the entire transaction can be carried out in a matter of days – from entering a few basic details such as the registration plate number and supplying a few simple facts regarding the condition of the vehicle including details such as the fitting and fixtures, through to organizing a convenient inspection and pick up time at an occasion that perfectly suits your needs.

Although many people are familiar with the recent spate of “We Buy Any Car” style adverts, a similar service offering quick and easy cash payments for used and pre-loved motor homes is something that is relatively new in the online market place and over the last couple of years, Sell My Motorhome have become one of the quickest and most reliable motorhome buyers in the business offering the best possible prices, a free pick-up service from any part of the UK and fast valuations sales quotes with no obligations whatsoever on the part of the customer.

Once you have given an honest description of the camper or RV that you are looking to sell, you will be offered a fair and decent price which will be transferred directly to your personal banking account in a matter of days.  In cases where an exceptionally fast turnaround is required, SellMyMotorhome can even arrange a complete transaction in less than 48 hours!

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Realistic Valuations from the Experts Who Care

 “One of our experienced valuers will value your motorhome based on make, model, age, condition and mileage and any other relevant information you provide. As you know, motorhomes have many variations and we may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include your phone number in the box where requested. We will then send you the current valuation of your motorhome.”

The main difference between and their key online competitors is the critical fact that the valuations provided are based on human knowledge and experience instead of pre-determined price lists and computerised guides which are always balanced in the favour of the company buying the vehicle in question.  Unlike the vast majority of similar businesses, Sell My Motorhome understand the online motorhome buying market perfectly and will always go above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide a genuine quote which is both highly competitive and completely fair and realistic.  In other words, the customer can be sure to receive the best possible price which takes every conceivable factor into account so that they can be sure they are not being taken advantage of in anyway way, shape or form.   So long as  the description provided of the second hand motorhome  is truthful and accurate, there will be no discrepancy between the amount offered for the camper or RV in question online or over the telephone and the actual amount paid out.

This is what truly sets SellMyMotorhome apart from the competition and it is also the main reason that the company has gone from strength to strength since the enterprise was first set up by the successful team of experts who provide unrivalled satisfaction and the most uncomplicated online Motorhome Buying service currently available in the UK today.

There are also no hidden fees and no off-putting pressure tactics involved as the team at Sell My Motorhome always endeavour to be totally honest and completely upfront with their clients at all times whilst providing a service that offers a genuinely pleasant and satisfactory selling experience.

The Simplest Selling Process

“Once you have received the valuation of your motorhome we will make you an instant cash offer based on the information you have provided us with. If you choose to accept the offer we will make the arrangements for collection and payment. We provide a free collection service and one of our experienced collection team will come at a time to suit you. They will of course inspect the motorhome, but if it is as you have described it to us, the purchase is guaranteed and we will transfer secure funds direct to your bank account.”

About Us

If you are the current owner of a motorhome that you would like to exchange for cash without wasting time or being taken advantage of then visit our website today and experience the stress free approach to a quick and easy sale!  Alternatively, call 0800 072 3678 and speak to a dedicated advisor who will be glad to put your mind at rest and offer  you a superb price for your used camper or RV whilst arranging everything from a free pickup direct from your doorstep, at a time that suits you, and a fast and secure payout straight to the bank or building society account of your choice.

Contact Us
Worksop Turbine, Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Close, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8AP, UK.
Phone: 0800 072 3678, Email:, Web:
Centurion Medical Products Acquires NuvoMed Inc. and Disimpactor® System /news/352089 Wed, 27 Jan 2016 09:13:44 +0000 /?p=352089 WILLIAMSTON, Mich., — (January 26,2016) — Centurion Medical Products, a leader in global patient care and product innovation, today announced the acquisition of NuvoMed Inc., the manufacturer of the DisImpactor®, an innovative, class 1 FDA registered medical device for the treatment of fecal impaction.

“Centurion’s mission is to provide customers and patients with the most innovative, efficient and effective medical products on the market,” said Tom Archipley, CEO of Centurion Medical Products. “Patient safety and comfort are very important to us. The DisImpactor is much more effective and comfortable than digital disimpaction and ought to become the standard of care, as adopted by the Alabama Board of Nursing in 2015. In leveraging our national sales force, our purchase of NuvoMed will make the DisImpactor much more widely available to hospitals, palliative and hospice care centers across America.”

The DisImpactor, designed by an ED physician, is a single-use system for the adult population that offers rapid relief and resolution of fecal impaction. Fecal impaction is a common occurrence in the elderly and oncology patients. The emergency department and hospice care represent the primary markets. In a market survey of hospice nurses, conducted by NuvoMed Inc., 64 percent noted they encounter patients with fecal impactions (FI) at least once per week. The key to the system is an easy to use hand-held device that breaks up the impaction more effectively and less painfully than digital disimpaction.

About Centurion Medical Products

For over 50 years, Centurion Medical Products has been known for designing and delivering innovative products that increase clinician efficiency and improve patient care. SorbaView SHIELD® Securement Systems, Compass pressure monitoring technologies, ECO EME-BAG™, and CVC Zone Bundles are a few examples of the many Centurion products that streamline care and reduce costs. The company provides comprehensive and consistent support to customers nationwide through clinical training and sustainability programs, high fill rates, and personalized kit design services. Centurion has over 1,100 team members, is privately owned and headquartered in Williamston, Michigan. Visit Centurion Medical Products to learn more.



Centurion Medical Products
Chris Schnee



The Matriarch Society Presents: The Making of a Legacy /news/352051 Tue, 26 Jan 2016 08:49:54 +0000 /?p=352051 Long Beach, CA – (1/25/2016) The Matriarch Society will present The Making of a Legacy conference at The Grand Long Beach Event Center 4101 East Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90815 on February 20, 2016 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (PST) The Matriarch Society is proud to bring The Making of a Legacy to The Grand Long Beach Event Center for its Second Annual Event. The Making of a Legacy will feature special guest speakers Jewel Diamond Taylor, Evangelist Gaynelle Dawson, Ramona Stephens (comedian) and Kimselff.

“The Making of a Legacy” conference is designed to help women as the Matriarchs of their family learn how to Inspire, Influence and Impact their community as well as their families. This event will include brunch, entertainment, comedy as well as prizes. In addition, Kimselff will launch an official introduction and book signing for “M.U.M’s the word!” Lastly, this is also a great opportunity for women to net-work, meet, and see how other women are serving in our community.   

Tickets are limited and can only be purchased in advanced through Eventbrite. Tickets are $35 for general admission and $75 for vendor booth. You can also purchase a private table (seats 10) see Eventbrite  website for details. All sponsors are welcome to make donations on  Matriarch Society or Eventbrite.  Registration must be completed by 2/13/2016, in order to secure admission for this conference. There will be 10 ladies that will receive Glam-Makeovers and special mothers will be honored on this day. The Matriarch Society was established to encourage, empower and equip women with tools for successful parenting. Our goal is to build a mass support group and a global networking system to help single-mothers build an unforgettable legacy.

The Matriarch Society was founded by Kimberly Williams, who is known as the Inspirational Author and Speaker “Kimselff.” Kimselff is known for her ability to encourage others and demonstrate how to overcome life obstacles and life adversities. Kimselff comes with over 20 years of experience working with child care age as well as Youth at Risk. As a Single Mother, she has victoriously raised a successful man-child who is a college graduate and currently working in Corporate America.

# # #

60 YEARS AFTER DEATH, ARMENIAN PREACHER TALKS GENOCIDE /news/351399 Tue, 12 Jan 2016 19:38:38 +0000 /?p=351399 Great Granddaughter Writes Novel Based on His Story

Melkon Jenanyan – an Armenian, Christian Preacher who died in 1956 – came back to tell his story. That is what his great granddaughter, Heather Martin, says. From Melkon’s wish to share his trauma related to the Armenian Genocide, Martin is now the author of the novel based on Melkon’s life story. It is entitled Reclaiming Konia: A Tale of Love, Loss and the Armenian Genocide and is now available in print and Kindle on Amazon. “My father was really, really clear – Melkon, his grandfather – wanted nothing to do with the old country,” say Ms. Martin, the author. “Melkon’s children were not taught Armenian or Turkish, even though he wrote his sermons in both languages. He never spoke of any violence he experienced, violence which caused them to leave before the 1915 genocide killed 1.5 Million Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. It wasn’t until I was inspired to write his story that he began to vocalize many pent up regrets and pain. I’m not a psychic – but every writer is inspired by some unknown force, I just happened to know who it was that was influencing my creative process.”

An entire generation of Armenians was hesitant to discuss their past experience with the massacres from 1894 – 1915 because of the pain it caused them. It is the author’s hope that as more people read Reclaiming Konia and other works about the genocide, that the Armenian generation will begin to heal their trauma surrounding it. Ms. Martin also hopes that it will bring more awareness to non-Armenians about the political challenges surrounding the massacres, which Turkey has refused to call genocide for over 100 years. “The United States government has also been a complicit partner in this crime, by refusing to call the massacres genocide. Production of an MGM movie on the topic was shut down in the 1900’s because it was too politically controversial for Turkey. When freedom of speech is being curtailed, you have a grave injustice on your hands,” says Ms. Martin. “Ultimately this novel was about more than just the political component. I had the chance to help my ancestors heal from a trauma that occurred over 100 years ago through my writing. In the process I have rekindled the family legacy and joyful memories of those who have passed on.” In addition to this, readers have expressed the ease and enjoyment of reading the novel on the intense, but critical subject.

“You are really rooting for Melkon and his family,” said many readers. Others have said that the history is subtly weaved into the story in a beautiful way. Heather Ruth Martin is the CEO of Heather Martin Inc. (a consulting firm) and a writer for Huffington Post. For more information visit:

CONTACT INFO: Heather Martin,, 551-208-6979

LEGENDS of LOVE FUNK and SOUL! Michael Henderson! Ray “Ghostbuster” Parker Jr.! George Johnson (of The Bros. Johnson) The Dramatics! Jean Carn! /news/351114 Tue, 05 Jan 2016 20:55:06 +0000 /?p=351114 Birmingham AL readies for a legendary concert!

A historic CONCERT EVENT! With a 3.5 – 4 octave vocal range is 4 time GRAMMY NOMINEE,Producer/composer of “Wide Receiver” “You Are My Starship” “Be My Girl” “Take Me, I’m Yours” “At The Concert” and so many more MICHAEL HENDERSON (Bass player, Singer Songwriter, Producer) with “Strawberry Letter 23” “Get The Funk Out Ma Face” “Tomorrow” “I’ll Be Good To You” “STOMP!” and more… GEORGE JOHNSON (Of The Bros. Johnson) Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter Producer) “GHOSTBUSTER,“A Woman Needs Love..Just Like You Do” “I’m In Love (With The Other Woman) “Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame” “Academy Award Nominee” “Grammy Winner” RAY PARKER Jr (Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter Producer)!

Joining these Funk/R&B Legends onstage are the smooth vocals of legendary group THE DRAMATICS known for such chart-busters as “HEY YOU!…GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN” “Whatcha See…Is Whatcha Get” “I Wanna Go Outside..In The Rain!” “Get Up…Get Down” (From the cult classic movie “DEAD PRESIDENTS) “Me and Mrs. Jones ” and so many more!!!

The Internationally acclaimed songstress Jean Carn performs her chart-toppers “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” “Closer Than Close!” “Love Don’t Love Nobody” and MORE at The Bill Harris Arena!  This group of artists have created a LEGACY of MUSICthat lives on TODAY, sold untold MILLIONS of RECORDS, millions have danced the night away to their award winning music!  This is a very special night of music from an era that started it all!  With music being Sampled, re-recorded and rediscovered by a new generation of musicians, and with an array of Number One’s to their credit, this night promises to be a very special event, a magnificent night of “LIVE” music played by “REAL” musicians who helped SHAPE R&B, ROCK and FUNK and continue to inspire and influence.
Bill Harris Arena at The Crossplex Box office: 205.279.8900
Historic Boutwell Auditorium – 1930 8th Avenue North. Birmingham, Alabama 35203. Phone: 205-254-2820.
Bill Harris Arena at The Crossplex Box office: 205.279.8900
Historic Boutwell Auditorium – 1930 8th Avenue North. Birmingham, Alabama 35203. Phone: 205-254-2820.
Get ready to ROCK!

Media Inquiries: Onyx –

Renowned Russian Director Stages the Strange Genius of Nikolai Gogol /news/350798 Mon, 28 Dec 2015 09:09:27 +0000 /?p=350798 This winter, renowned Russian stage director Aleksey Burago brings to life the dark humor of Nikolai Gogol in The Russian Arts Theater and Studio’s production of Avenue of Wonder. Based on the short story Nevsky Prospekt, this production will also re-inaugurate the historic Balcony Theater at West Park Presbyterian Church, previously The Shakespeare Center and home to the Riverside Shakespeare Company.

One evening, while strolling along Nevsky Prospekt, the central avenue that remains to this day the main artery of St. Petersburg, a distraught artist and a brazen lieutenant encounter a mysterious prostitute and a young housewife. In their separate pursuits of the women through the labyrinths of side streets, courtyards and winding staircases, both men come to realize all is not what it seems on the glittery avenue. As the rational plane of life slant beneath their feet, these comic and self-deluding characters soon discover that between everything ordinary there is a crack and deep in the shadows, peering up, are the maddening fantasies of the human soul. This February, join the cast of The Russian Arts Theater & Studio at the historic Balcony Theater and experience the strange genius of Nikolai Gogol.

  • February 27th to March 16th, 2016
  • The Balcony Theater at West Park Presbyterian Church
  • 165 W86th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue)
  • Adapted and Directed by Aleksey Burago
  • Featuring: Charles Anderson, Hazen Cuyler, Luisa Menzen, Ariel Polanco, Christopher Zach, and Di Zhu

For tickets please visit



“Indie Label RealSong Records Announces the Launch of the “RomanticRock” band TrekToTrango’s First Album called ‘Eclecticity’ ” /news/350544 Sat, 19 Dec 2015 13:57:17 +0000 /?p=350544 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Seattle Wa. 12/16/2015 – Indie Label “RealSong Records”is excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaignto fund TrekToTrango’s(T3) first album called “Eclecticity” that will feature an important song called “Emmanuel” of which who’sroyalties to the song will be donated to the National Child Abuse Hotline ( in order to raise awareness. The official launch date for the Album is set for December 16th 2016. RealSong believes the Album“Eclecticity will not only be a landmark record of incredible “RomanticRock” songs but be a worldwide humanitarian outcry for raising real help for child protection agencies like

T3’s record “Eclecticity” will be available upon the albums completion of a successful funding campaign at 

The Album is slated for a 12/16/2016 world release.

Emmanuel…We will sing for you…as a voice in the world

for the children like you…(lyrics from T3’s song on Eclecticity)

Stephen Benoit is the Co-founder of the newly embarked Indie Label RealSong Records out of Seattle Washington.Stephen has been developing his Recording Engineering Techniques and developing his A&R abilities in Seattle Wa & Nashville TN for 35 years.

THREE WISE MONKEYS new album : PROGETTO ARTE /news/349533 Mon, 30 Nov 2015 08:35:47 +0000 /?p=349533 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 30th November 2015



Description: Renowned fusion band The Three Wise Monkeys release their magnus opus of progressive music.


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 30th November 2015  – The band that brought the world “John Mayer is a Douche-bag”, releases its 5th album on the 10th of December 2015, titled PROGETTO ARTE, a dedication to all that is progressive music.


The album features 12 tracks from their 2015 sessions, which were filmed and posted on the groups webpage. “Interacting with fans during the albums development, has been incredibly rewarding” mentions Alex King, the groups Bass Player.


The lead single- “Panopticon” has already been viewed over 250,000 times before it has been officially released next week. “The reaction to the songs has been amazing, we’ve been able to reach new fans in the most far away places, thru the power of social media” comments the drummer Brendon Waterman.


The album cover features the works for underground dutch artist Chris Van der Linden, which sets the tone for audio enlightenment as the three piece having taken a year off the road to concentrate on the studio. The Band’s guitarist Kypo explains, “most acts are spending more time on the road to survive, we wanted to get back to the studio, creating the music and sound that people will have an experience to, before they see the show”


The album was recorded direct to disk in pristine 192khz that captures the band in moments of improvisation and composition with ultimate purity.


PROGETTO ARTE, will be released on 10th December 2015 and will be available worldwide thru most digital retailers and streaming services. The album will also be available in limited edition CD format from the Three Wise Monkey’s BandCamp site: or homepage


Three Wise Monkeys are a proudly independent band which has risen from the digital underground, through street savvy guerilla marketing and infectious tunes with crazy song titles. Their story reflects the paradigm shift that has occurred in the music industry over the past decade, unlocking the shackles, and the power belonging to the artist. Their music is a testament to the fact that good music can find its own path.


Contact Information:

Brad Kypriotis


36 Condamine st

Balgowlah. Sydney. NSW 2096 Australia

+61 404 065976