Blackman Legal Announces the Auto Accident Toolkit App

Redwood City, CA ( TopBestNews ) January 16, 2013 – Law firm Blackman Legal announced that it has released an app on both the Android and iPhone mobile operating systems to help victims of an accident that results in personal injury. The Auto Accident Toolkit app is designed to be a mobile legal response kit to enable individuals involved in an accident to handle the aftermath of an accident and keep a thorough record of the occurrence.

Features that are useful in an auto accident include:

Recording Key Information

The app allows a user to record any relevant information and send this accident information for reporting purposes. Since remembering important information in the chaos of an accident can be difficult, the app is designed to help users record this information before it is forgotten.

Contacting a Legal Professional

The app gives users direct access to an experienced, professional California personal injury attorney. There is no need to search for an attorney following an accident with the convenient legal app.

Scheduling a Legal Appointment

Users can schedule a legal consultation with the app following an accident in order to better understand their legal rights. This initial consultation is offered at no cost to the client, so there is no need to hesitate about scheduling an appointment following an accident that results in personal injury.

Blog Access

The Blackman Legal blog is included in the app, so users are able to stay informed about the latest personal injury news. If there are any changes to personal injury law in California, people with the app will be made aware of these changes through the blog. Users can choose from a variety of legal topics to find the topic that best fits their specific personal injury situation.


The app also acts as a flashlight in case a person has an accident at night. Even if a driver forgets to keep a flashlight in the car, a light will be handy at all times through the use of the mobile app.

Viewing Blackman Legal Videos

A library of videos available through the Blackman Legal app explains important personal injury topics. Anyone who is involved in an accident or other incident that results in a personal injury can access these videos through the app to get a basic idea of how to handle the aftermath of a personal injury.

While the Auto Accident Toolkit app is ideal for seeking legal assistance following a vehicle accident, it is also useful for other instances in which legal advice is needed. Examples of instances during which the app can be used include bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries and brain injuries.

Information accessed through the Blackman Legal website is for personal use only. Anyone who needs legal representation due to a personal injury should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. While the information contained within the app is helpful during an accident or other personal injury event, Blackman Legal needs to provide a personal consultation in order to advise a person according to the specific situation.

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