Brad Corrigan of Dispatch Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fight Child Prostitution

DENVER, Colo., April 23, 2014 — Brad Corrigan and non-profit Love, Light and Melody have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary about the life and story of a little girl named Ileana. She grew up in the “La Chureca” trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua. At a young age, Ileana was forced into prostitution to earn money for her family. Tragically, she contracted HIV and passed away in 2011.  Ileana’s story represents the plight of countless children today.

The goals of the campaign are to unify 133,000 hearts in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children and to raise $133,000 to finance the production of Ileana’s Smile, a documentary film and soundtrack in memory of Ileana’s short, beautiful and bold life. The Kickstarter campaign commenced April 21 and runs through May 20, 2014 at

The documentary will raise awareness and donations for the International Justice Mission and World Childhood Foundation, two leading organizations fighting to protect children vulnerable to sexual exploitation worldwide.

“There’s my life up until 2006, and then I met Ileana,” said Corrigan. “That little girl wrecked me so beautifully, and I’ll never forget the courage and strength in her smile. It’s now my honor to speak and sing to her life so that other kids like her can be protected and live.”

Ileana’s story is so significant because it portrays the fate of many children at risk of sexual exploitation today. UNICEF estimates that there are two million children exploited in the commercial sex trade worldwide.

Ileana’s Smile Kickstarter campaign is focused on empowering one person at a time to raise awareness through video, art and music and to join the movement against the sexual exploitation of children.


Brad Corrigan is available for interviews about the campaign and future plans for Ileana’s Smile.

Please contact:

Ingrid Schneider                  Pamela Holmgren

720.427.1147                        310.985.1721


Love, Light and Melody

P.O. Box 3437

Littleton, Colorado 80161-3437

 About Ileana’s Smile

Ileana’s Smile is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of a feature-length documentary on Ileana’s beautiful yet tragic life. The expected release date for the film is November 2015.

About Love, Light and Melody

Love, Light and Melody serves children in need, amplifies their stories and inspires hope. The non-profit unifies musicians, artists and athletes to stand for the emotional, physical and spiritual restoration of those living in poverty.

About Brad Corrigan

Brad Corrigan is a visionary, living a wild and traveled life.  As a member of the indie band, Dispatch, he has played sold-out venues across the United States.  A dynamic speaker via film, television and photography, Brad’s passion and innate kindness inspire those around him.  He is committed to sharing stories with art that shine light, raise awareness and inspire action.

Brad believes in social justice and is an advocate for several causes, including education.  He is the founder and president of Love, Light and Melody, a non-profit organization dedicated to battling physical, emotional and spiritual effects of extreme poverty.  The Denver native believes everyone can make a difference. In his own words, “It’s never what you do in life, but the heart with which you do it.”


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