From the Circus to the C-suite, Geek Fashion Gets an Upgrade

Montreal, Canada. July 30th, 2014- Variable Fashion is a high-end clothing company that recently launched their Kickstarter campaign aiming to help the geeks of the world express their individuality in a professional environment. Former circus acrobat, Jon Gulick, and industrial engineer, Aliki Maragis, joined forces with designer, Wilber Tellez, to create the geek chic men’s clothing company. “We have the philosophy that just because you are working in an office, doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself. You can show off who you are and still remain professional,” says Variable’s CEO Jon Gulick.

The brand focuses on creating business appropriate attire that allows self-proclaimed geeks to express themselves in the workplace while remaining stylish and professional.

Our Story

Jon spent 12 years of his life touring the world as a circus acrobat. He traveled to 36 countries while performing aerial ropes and double trapeze. After too much wear-and-tear from a circus life, he decided to go back to school. While working towards his MBA, Jon found himself surrounded by traditional black suits and realized there was no outlet for him to demonstrate his individuality while keeping a professional appearance. Recognizing the lack of options drove Jon to create the geek chic Variable Fashion line. After catching a glimpse of Variable’s initial Calculus prototype, Aliki knew she wanted to be part of the Variable team. As a former industrial engineer in a male dominated technical world, she recognized the pressure to conform to engineering and business standards, sometimes fading into the background as just another number. Her professional experiences motivated her to help Jon bring Variable Fashion to geeks everywhere.

Our Inspiration

With the aide of Variable, Wilber Tellez has transformed the standard men’s dress shirt into wearable geek fashion. Variable created four men’s dress shirts inspired by science, technology and math. This season’s patterns are based on calculus, astronomy, HTML code from the NSA website and circuit boards. “The point is not to be so bold that people are uncomfortable wearing the shirts,” says Wilber;  “There is a little hidden something to make the wearer feel like the shirt is expressing a part of who they are.”

What You Can Do!

Variable’s Kickstarter campaign will run until September 12th; they need $17,000 in pre-sales to purchase inventory. Shirts are expected to be delivered in December of 2014, just in time for the holiday season. After the Kickstarter, they will begin to plan a summer 2015 line and to expand their product selection. To help Jon, Aliki and Wilber achieve their dream, visit their website at where you can find how to pre-order your own shirt. With your help they can make the world a little bit geekier.


Variable Fashion


USA Phone: +1 917-273-1350

Canada Phone: +1 514-621-5934


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