Centre Briefing: Performing well in a culturally complex world

Centre Briefing is a book series that considers how people and their organizations should think about strengthening their multicultural effectiveness (performance) through cultural intelligence. Culturally intelligent leaders can be effective because they have a stronger propensity to reconcile cultural dilemmas.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the academically predictive capability to function effectively across a variety of cultures (nations, organizations, gender, race, faiths, and more) that are intersecting professional lives all at once.

The Centre Briefing series is helpful for individuals from around the world to dig deeper into multicultural effectiveness through cultural intelligence before committing to deeper personal assessment and professional development. The Centre Briefing series is also helpful to people who have the responsibility to evaluate concepts, applications, and implications for their organizational purposes.

The author is Frank Zauflik, Executive Director of Centre for Leadership Effectiveness, LLC. His professional life involves the integration of executive leadership experience in the global marketplace + board member of international not-for-profit groups + various roles across multicultural Christian ministries + extensive transnational living + advanced academics + cultural intelligence (CQ) certified. The Centre for Leadership Effectiveness, LLC provides assessment, education, coaching, and consulting experiences to strengthen multicultural effectiveness (your real time performance) through cultural intelligence to individuals and organizations across these areas: 1.) public/non-profit/private global organizations, 2.) advanced level university classrooms, and 3.) Christian multicultural ministries.

Current books in the series include:

  • Centre Briefing: Cultural Intelligence – An Evidence Based Discussion
  • Centre Briefing: Cultural Intelligence – A Global Leadership Discussion
  • Centre Briefing: Cultural Intelligence – A Christian Discussion

You can find all books and more at:


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