Business and Spirituality Meet as New Company Emerges

Sarasota, FL – 5/5/15: Journey Towards LLC, based in Sarasota, FL but operating internationally, announced today the launch of a range of spirituality-based training services for individuals and businesses across the United States. Although in its infancy, Journey Towards has already secured global-reaching clients and has delivered trainings on stress reduction, improved communication and conflict management.

“The themes of spirituality and mindfulness are not often associated with the corporate world,” said Matthew Andrzejewski-Wilson, CEO. “Yet studies have shown that combining these important ‘self-focused’ perspectives with clear, practical and commercial goals has the potential to increase productivity by at least 20%. In fact, Transport for London managers saw sickness absence fall by 71% since implementing mindfulness training. If you want to see peak performance, you must empower your people.”

Increasingly, for the modern burdens of stress, depression and anxiety, mindfulness has morphed into a healthcare intervention. The list of American businesses that have adopted mindfulness programs includes Target, Facebook, Aetna International, Ford Motor Company, Google, Apple, Sony, Ikea, General Mills and several government departments. There are claims that it promotes psychological flexibility, awareness, resilience, better decision-making, job performance, reduced absence rates and the ability to learn new tasks. No wonder businesses are interested.

Journey Towards’ clients agree. Ashley Griffiths, USA Manager for Across the Pond, said, “My team saw the benefits immediately. Journey Towards’ skilled analysis of my team’s personalities, strengths, and collective identity as well as their counsel on how to capitalize on those raw materials has better equipped me to lead my team. Not just towards the realization of our goals, but also toward a more tangible sense of community, connection and the sense that each member is individually valued and vital to company success.  My recent employee performance analysis reveal that most of my staff see themselves as long-term members of my team, and to me, that is a success.”

And that is exactly the theme of Journey Towards’ vision. “Our goal is to empower teams across American businesses,” Matthew continued. “When your people are happy, healthy and believe in what they’re doing, they will focus. They will perform. Instead of a factory-style workforce grinding it out for a paycheck, you’ll then have united teams of invested stakeholders.”

In addition to being a keen businessman, Journey Towards CEO Matthew Andrzejewski-Wilson is also a PhD candidate in the field of Leadership and Management, a certified MBTI practitioner and Associate Minister in Metaphysics. He is available for interviews, motivational speaking, inspirational seminars or other enquiries.

To celebrate this exciting launch, Journey Towards is offering 20% discount for any training package ordered online at Use code JTLaunch20% in the subject title when submitting the contact form.

Matthew Andrzejewski-Wilson MALS MBTI

941 877 1226

Journey Towards LLC

3169 Hatton Street

Sarasota, FL




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