Debut Author Releases Novel Deemed «Too Controversial for Americans»

E. A. A. Wilson, of Sarasota, FL, has released her new novel Ascension Denied. The book is said to “upend our expectations about the afterlife and skewer religion, business and the banal trappings of modern life.” (Award-winning author Rob Griffith)

In this humorous tale of adventure and the search for freedom, angels and humans struggle to navigate their own weaknesses in a complex and fascinating afterlife. According to Wilson’s portrayal of what comes next, purgatory is in trouble. In a bureaucratic afterlife where science, theology and utter confusion are entwined, something is preventing the dead from ascending. But the ferryman can’t just stop bringing new arrivals over from the murky shores of death. Can Alice unclog a corrupt system before the streets are overrun by dead people? When unemployment in purgatory hits an all-time high, how can dead souls work towards their redemption?

These questions and more are explored in Wilson’s Ascension Denied.

Although publishing is notorious for being a difficult market to crack, Wilson was undeterred when a series of publishing houses rejected her work as “too controversial for Americans”.

“I more than believe American readers are equipped to handle life’s big questions,” said Wilson, who wrote the novel while being a stay-at-home mom and said the book emerged when unanswered questions kept playing in her mind. “Regardless of our individual belief systems we’re all asking the same questions of the institutions previous generations took for granted,” she continued. “Many of us are feeling disillusioned by the answers we’re given. Ascension Denied take an unflinching look at the world we live in. This book may raise some eyebrows, but I think we’re ready to tackle the taboos head on. Why not?”

The late Scott Ciencin, also of Sarasota and a New York Times bestselling author, said of the book: “Ascension Denied is a wondrous and masterfully-assured debut novel. Fantastical, romantic, and piercingly satirical, this tale of bureaucracy and backstabbing in purgatory is a slice of literary heaven. Great characters, great fun. If you like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, you will love this. E.A.A. Wilson is here to stay!”

For more information about Ascension Denied or E. A. A. Wilson, visit the author’s site at The book is available in paperback, hardback and ebook, from all major online bookstores.


E. A. A. Wilson is a mom, minister of metaphysics and administrative manager, and has penned several short stories under the series title “The Foible”. She is also an author with Simon & Schuster, writing under the penname L. J. Oliver. Ascension Denied is Wilson’s debut novel.

Wilson is available for interviews, motivational talks and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact


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