Zicacque Capital gives Mercedes Benz in Film Financing Contest

Wall Street, NY May 15, 2015

Zicacque Capital is offering a Mercedes Benz car as a prize to the film finance consultant who is the first to reach the goal of $250 million in value of film closed transactions from submissions.

Zicacque Capital is pleased to announce the launching of film finance origination contest for film consultants or agents for US and Canada film producers. The contest which begins on May 18 is open to any person who originates a minimum of one producer’s film project for financing.

New technology is creating great opportunities for independent producers. This lessens the risks for investing in the film industry. It also allows a wider range of experienced and talented persons to take advantage of the economies of scope.

Producers benefit in huge economies of scale because of globalism. As Asian middle class grows, for instance China, wider markets are opened for entertainment. This confluence of technology and globalism presses for the need for finance to meet this exploding reality.

Zicacque Capital with a network of financiers, is a leader in team building to facilitate funding for the film producers’ projects. It is on a recruiting drive to expand its team of contractors. The process allows success for the producers in raising finance, interests or gains for the financiers and commissions for the Zicacque’s contractors or film agents with a chance of winning a Mercedes Benz.

“Consultants can enter any time after May 18,” Irvin Stephen Knight, Senior Team Leader of Zicacque Capital said. “It’s the finish that matters”

Founded in 2014, Zicacque Capital Inc., facilitates financing for films and commercial real estate. It creates opportunities in co-opting talent for originating transactions. As a strategic business unit it focuses on linking film producers to pools of finance through its network of financiers.


Zicacque Capital Inc., 44 Wall Street New York NY 10005

Tel: 212 461-2233 Email: filmfatzicacquedotcom  (filmfatzicacquedotcom)  


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