JONES AND DOHM’S “Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season” Scores a Hat-Trick

A Rarity in Children’s Literature: The tale includes an “unsung hero” character with Down syndrome and features two lead characters, lovable, spirited referees!

From the State of Hockey, “Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” an early reader chapter book, released Memorial Day 2015 scores a hat-trick for its ability to help teach young readers to be a good sport. “Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season”, is the first book released in The Official Adventures book series, featuring Rylee and Rosee, America’s lovable, inspirational, funny, real, and down-to-earth referees, that steal young reader’s hearts.  “Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” scores with the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have deep love for the game and also each other! Blaine and Cullen join Rylee and Rosee in game day adventures that will have early readers laughing out loud, fist bumping the pages and cheering for more stories, victories, and defeats.

“Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” is American’s hottest new children’s book that transforms children’s literature in a multitude of ways:  Blaine, the hockey team manager and brother to the team’s all-star captain has  Down syndrome and is clearly the “unsung hero” of the team.  Features Rylee and Rosee, two of America’s lovable referees! They won’t blow the  whistle on good fun but they will call a penalty when needed!  Allows for youth teams to do fundraising while promoting literacy! Based on real-life situations that instill life lessons with humor and lovable characters.  Each book includes a glossary for young readers.

  About Jayne J. Jones Beehler & Katrina G. Dohm:

With a shared love and energy-driven passion for outstanding academics, stellar athletics, and innovative arts, Jayne J. Jones Beehler, a college professor, and Katrina G. Dohm, a high school art educator, have teamed up and joined forces as co-authors and co-creators of The Official Adventures, an older elementary aged children’s chapter book series featuring Rylee and Rosee, America’s new lovable, inspirational, funny, real, and down-to-earth referees!

 Jones Beehler and Dohm have earned “Hall of Fame” status for their real-life story-telling, colorful fresh illustrating, and combined natural zest for helping young learners enjoy reading and appreciate the arts, while ensuring their writing and books instill life lessons and reader’s adventures of their own.

 Jayne J. Jones Beehler proudly wears many “helmets” including college professor, lawyer, author, wife, mother, advocate for children with disabilities, and is a lifelong fan of student athletics. A graduate of William Mitchell College of Law, this former live-in nanny, is passionate about children, education, foster care and adoption, and child abuse/prevention public policy. Jones Beehler worked for US Senator Norm Coleman from 2002-2006, then headed to the Minnesota House of Representatives, where she was the Executive Assistant to the Speaker of the House, Steve Sviggum.

Jones Beehler teaches political science classes at Concordia University-St. Paul where her students have gained national attention and praise for their legislative activities and involvement.  Jones Beehler is proud of her work with Margaret’s Missions, ensuring travelers with disabilities get access to see the world and enjoy life’s greatest adventures!  In 2013 Jones Beehler was the co-author of Capitol Hell, an eleven time national and international fictional book award winner.

Katrina G. Dohm, raised in a small rural town in northwest Wisconsin, believes home is where you hang your skates/rollerblades and keep your plethora of paint and brushes! Dohm was exposed to hockey growing up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but her true love of the game began when she went to college at the University of North Dakota in 1986. Dohm graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.

For the past twenty-two years Dohm has dedicated herself to being an art teacher and all the “extras” that go with it.  Dohm’s days are filled with hands on activities and non-stop action which is apparent with her dust covered boots, paint splattered apron, and her wedding ring plastered with clay. Dohm is a four year breast cancer survivor and takes her late father’s reasoning to tremendous heart. He thoughtfully told her before his early death, as they watched early coverage on the development of Hurricane

Katrina together, “Wait, this is going to be huge, because Katrina never does anything half way!” He was correct, of course, about the hurricane and his daughter who is still true to his words as it’s time to drop the puck and start this new adventure!

 Fact Sheet:

       Author: Jayne J. Jones Beehler                                      Illustrator: Katrina G. Dohm 

       Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press                                    Publication Date: May 2015

     ISBN 13: 978-1-59298-881-5                                            LCCN: 2015906378/$17.95 (hardcover)

Sharpen yours skates and grab your stick! It’s time to play hockey as 

Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” delivers goals, hat-tricks and many wins!

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