DoBots kickstarts a smart power outlet

DoBots kickstarts a smart power outlet
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 12 Aug. 2015
DoBots, a tech startup from Rotterdam, created the Crownstone to make smart homes a reality. The Crownstone  is a Bluetooth chip that upgrades your power outlet, making it smart so that it can do things like respond to the presence of people. It combines comfort with energy savings. Despite this powerful potential, smart power outlets remain largely unexplored. Anne van Rossum, COO at DoBots: “A smart power outlet would warn you if someone unplugs your expensive television set at night!”.
The Crownstone uses device recognition. By closely monitoring the power profile of a device, the smart power outlet is able to distinguish a fridge from a hair dryer. In the words of Anne van Rossum: “A smart power outlet would switch off an electric kettle automatically. Imagine the possibilities for people who need help, such as those who suffer from Alzheimer’s”.
The Crownstone comes in two forms: a built-­in Crownstone that is hidden behind a power outlet and a plug-­in Crownstone that can be plugged into the outlet itself. Home automation traditionally uses many non­-interoperable protocols, but Bluetooth Low Energy is replacing all these proprietary protocols with a single standard. Because the Crownstone communicates via Bluetooth, we can control our devices using our smartphones, with the high ­quality user interface experience we expect nowadays.
Apart from the increased level of comfort that is made possible by the Crownstone, it reduces the energy bill as well. Standby power for switched­ off electronic devices is estimated to account for ten percent of household electricity consumption. The Crownstone is able not only to recognize sneaky energy siphons, but also to cut their power supply altogether.
The Crownstone will be available from DoBots on Kickstarter on the 8th of September 2015 through the product’s webpage
For more information:
Anne van Rossum (COO)
+31 (0)10 404 9444
Westerstraat 50
3016 DJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands
KvK: 54034558
For editors:
About DoBots
DoBots is a Rotterdam based startup in aitech. Their goal: Really smart buildings. Really smart robots. DoBots is part of the Almende group. A network of technological companies.

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