Husband and Wife make Philanthropy Their Business, and Need Your Help

Husband and Wife Crowdfund for license to help low income communities!
By helping small business owners in low income communities, this couple makes philanthropy their business. Involved in volunteer work, they now reach out for the support of others to be able to grow.

A husband and wife take philanthropy and volunteer work to he next level, turning something as simple as helping local community non-profits into something as substantial as a business where they are able to commit full time to their mission. What Mission? Hoshana Management Group is dedicated to transforming low-income communities into healthy, peaceful, progressing environments by enhancing the brand of targeted community partners. In other words, they are helping small business owners in low income communities, often minorities, with marketing and exposure thus giving them a boost and a fighting chance as business owners.


Does this benefit only the low income communities? Absolutely not. What they are doing is actually helping citizens of all backgrounds, ethnicities and statuses, by improving the economy as money changes hands and taxpaying citizens are birthed. They help business owners who don’t know how to make a name for themselves with branding and marketing, as well as improving their personal image in the eyes of society. They do this by encouraging these community members and less fortunate ones to – not segregate themselves – but to become engaged in community activities. They are encouraged to be proud of their background and neighbors as well as how far they have come and how much they have accomplished.


In a nutshell, Hoshana is a intermediary consultant of sorts, offering not just marketing and branding but also coaching, education, encouragement, and even jobs! They are currently seeking both paid workers and interns that would like to become involved in their goal. Are they technically a non-profit themselves? Well no, not exactly, not anymore now that they have quit their previous jobs and dedicated themselves full-time. That is why they need help. As their business begins to blossom, they are presented with challenges such as licensing, that need to be addressed in order for them to take their vision further and beyond Nashville, Tennessee. Up until now everything has been out of pocket and paid for by the couple themselves, or community members helping community members. But as the business grows so does the demand for Hashana Management to be able to brand themselves and be able to reach a larger crowd. This means licensing; Overhead; Facilities; Employees. They are not thinking short term or small scale whatsoever. What they are trying to accomplish goes much farther than that, and in fact could be a major impact on how we view crowdfunding, volunteering and even minorities in America. Most Crowd-funders are personal crowd-funders, but this couples small business is crowd-funding for those who need crowd-funding.

That is the bottom line, when it comes to the benefits involved for not only investors interested in the economical impact, but also the low income families and middle class themselves. Supporting Hashana means supporting yourself, your neighbors, your heritage, your childrens future and so much more.

By supporting them you are supporting countless charities, numerous individuals and the proof is in the numbers. Just look at their website. Look at the pictures of the smiling business men and women who were helped by this group and it really touches your heart. Some examples of recent endeavors this group has been involved with include:

  • 2014 & 2015 – Management of Nkdileka Mandela (first grandchild of Nelson Mandela) and President Dr. Joyce Banda (First Female President of the Republic of Malawi) schedule while in middle Tennessee
  • 2014 – African Union African Diaspora Health Initiative
  • 2014 – PanaFest Presented by the World Trade Council of Middle Tennessee, Organized by African Legacies Foundation
  • 2014- North Nashville Police Precinct Community Forum
  • 2014 – Fifth Third Bank of Metro Center Community Financial Workshop
  • 2013 – Haynes Garden Apartments Criminal Background Friendly Job Fair featuring National College of Business and Technology Madison Campus


That is only a few, there are so many more. Please follow Hoshana on twitter


or visit their website at

Most importantly spread the news of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at:

It’s definately a cause that you can back knowing that your small portion is going to, not just one person, but to a community, a nationality, a country even, that is full of ambitious entrepreneurs who would blossom in the economy, if they only knew where to start or had the encouragement to do so. That’s where Hoshana comes in. Thank You

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