Leading British Bridging Loans Broker Discusses Growing Important of Property Development Loans

Bridgingloans.co.uk Highlights the Value and Potential of Contemporary Lending Options

London: November 5, 2015

One of the United Kingdom’s biggest names in the provision of bridging loans has been discussing the extraordinary and unique value of these flexible financial products for those seeking temporary funding for property development. Bridgingloans.co.uk has reported a significant spike in both application volumes and a number of completed loans across the UK over recent years, as property developers at all levels seek alternative options to conventional banking.


When relatively large sums of cash are needed as quickly as possible and with genuinely agreeable terms, the limitations of conventional banking become rather apparent. Bridgingloans.co.uk by contrast specialises exclusively in the kinds of near-instant-access financial products ideally suited to those for whom time is a pressing factor.

An Alternative to Conventional Banking

“A land bridging loan is used to often used to help developers, private builders and even self-builders move quickly once they have found a site that they feel is right for their project and has all the correct permissions in place. Banks are becoming less willing to lend on these type of projects. Our advisers are specialists at arranging finance for development sites with potential and we can often structure short term bridging loans so the funds can be released in staged payments pending planning permission.”bridgingloans.co.uk

In the property development sector, developers at all levels often find themselves in need of a swift cash injection in order to go about the completion, modification or in some cases the commencement of any given building project. Private developers and DIY self-builders may also find their plans reaching something of an impasse due to the inability to gain access to immediate cash funds when required, backed by agreeable terms and sensible rates of interest.

This is precisely the gap in the market brokers like Bridgingloans.co.uk are setting out to bridge.  Quite the opposite of conventional banking, bridging loans or property development finance can be arranged for a variety of purposes in sums that vary from the comparatively minor to major commercial development loans. And not only is the cash made available as quickly as possible, interest rates tend to be capped at impressive lows and have the option for swift repayment.

Simple Terms, Outstanding Outcomes

“Whether it is a “knock down and build”, greenfield or brownfield site, multi-unit or single dwelling, commercial, semi-commercial or residential, we have availability to finance with rates starting from as low as 4 – 5% per annum and with terms of up to 24 months, although extensions can be negotiated. These percentages make perfect business sense for individuals and companies who want to put their talents and time to good use to build or renovate a worthwhile project. Whether the proposed site has a current building in situ or is completely flat or whether it is pre-owned or needs to be purchased, we have various bridging loan options available. The project can be for one use or mixed uses of houses, apartments, semi-commercial or commercial.”bridgingloans.co.uk

The success of so many building and development projects often hangs on nothing more than being able to come up with the right funds at the right time. The complex, convoluted and often painfully-binding financial products available via conventional banks and lenders simply are not viable in most such instances.

Bridgingloans.co.uk is therefore once again championing the expansion of the flexible and intelligent financial products sector, reaching out to developers at all levels to take a second look at a range of contemporary financial products that could facilitate the successful, efficient and affordable completion of their projects.

About Bridgingloans.co.uk

Bridgingloans.co.uk is a leading UK finance broker & principle bridging loan funder with a unique commitment to transparency and customer service excellence. Bridging loans are offered on the back of comprehensive and digestible information to ensure rational and beneficial decision making across both domestic and professional circles alike. The team takes great pride in pioneering innovative new services to meet the short-term financial needs of UK borrowers from all walks of life.

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