Sell Your Motorhome For the Best Possible Price in a Matter of Days!

The UK’s Leading Internet Motorhome Buyer Makes Selling Your Pre-owned Campervans and RVs Faster and Easier Than Ever!

If you are looking to sell a used camper, Recreational Vehicle or similarly kitted out motorhome online in order to avoid expensive advertising costs whilst removing the need to deal with disrespectful timewasters who turn up on your doorstep only to offer you a fraction of the cash sum you reasonably expect  for your treasured home from home, then the great news is that help is always reliably at hand thanks to the simple and honest buying services offered by the dedicated team at Sell My Motorhome.

The recently updated Sell My Motorhome website is now focused entirely on making the entire process of selling a used motorhome a fast and reliable, genuinely transparent and enjoyable experience which promises to turn any used recreational camper van or used motorhome into a worthwhile cash amount which can be deposited into your chosen bank or building society a matter of days, depending on your individual requirements and unique personal circumstances.

Whether you are looking to part company with an impeccably maintained used motorhome that has been in the family for a considerable number of years that is still in perfect working condition, or you have recently acquired a new campervan as part of a bereavement settlement that is simply of no use to you, the team at Sell My Motorhome have upgraded and streamlined the entire procedure of selling a used RV so that the entire transaction can be carried out in a matter of days – from entering a few basic details such as the registration plate number and supplying a few simple facts regarding the condition of the vehicle including details such as the fitting and fixtures, through to organizing a convenient inspection and pick up time at an occasion that perfectly suits your needs.

Although many people are familiar with the recent spate of “We Buy Any Car” style adverts, a similar service offering quick and easy cash payments for used and pre-loved motor homes is something that is relatively new in the online market place and over the last couple of years, Sell My Motorhome have become one of the quickest and most reliable motorhome buyers in the business offering the best possible prices, a free pick-up service from any part of the UK and fast valuations sales quotes with no obligations whatsoever on the part of the customer.

Once you have given an honest description of the camper or RV that you are looking to sell, you will be offered a fair and decent price which will be transferred directly to your personal banking account in a matter of days.  In cases where an exceptionally fast turnaround is required, SellMyMotorhome can even arrange a complete transaction in less than 48 hours!

Regardless of how old your motorhome is, the mileage on the clock, the shape, size of make and model, the expert team at SellMyMotorhome are always ready to make a genuine cash offer whilst taking all the pressure away from the seller so that they can simply decide to sell their second hand motorhome there and then or give themselves as much time as considered necessary on whether or not to accept the offer.

Realistic Valuations from the Experts Who Care

 “One of our experienced valuers will value your motorhome based on make, model, age, condition and mileage and any other relevant information you provide. As you know, motorhomes have many variations and we may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include your phone number in the box where requested. We will then send you the current valuation of your motorhome.”

The main difference between and their key online competitors is the critical fact that the valuations provided are based on human knowledge and experience instead of pre-determined price lists and computerised guides which are always balanced in the favour of the company buying the vehicle in question.  Unlike the vast majority of similar businesses, Sell My Motorhome understand the online motorhome buying market perfectly and will always go above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide a genuine quote which is both highly competitive and completely fair and realistic.  In other words, the customer can be sure to receive the best possible price which takes every conceivable factor into account so that they can be sure they are not being taken advantage of in anyway way, shape or form.   So long as  the description provided of the second hand motorhome  is truthful and accurate, there will be no discrepancy between the amount offered for the camper or RV in question online or over the telephone and the actual amount paid out.

This is what truly sets SellMyMotorhome apart from the competition and it is also the main reason that the company has gone from strength to strength since the enterprise was first set up by the successful team of experts who provide unrivalled satisfaction and the most uncomplicated online Motorhome Buying service currently available in the UK today.

There are also no hidden fees and no off-putting pressure tactics involved as the team at Sell My Motorhome always endeavour to be totally honest and completely upfront with their clients at all times whilst providing a service that offers a genuinely pleasant and satisfactory selling experience.

The Simplest Selling Process

“Once you have received the valuation of your motorhome we will make you an instant cash offer based on the information you have provided us with. If you choose to accept the offer we will make the arrangements for collection and payment. We provide a free collection service and one of our experienced collection team will come at a time to suit you. They will of course inspect the motorhome, but if it is as you have described it to us, the purchase is guaranteed and we will transfer secure funds direct to your bank account.”

About Us

If you are the current owner of a motorhome that you would like to exchange for cash without wasting time or being taken advantage of then visit our website today and experience the stress free approach to a quick and easy sale!  Alternatively, call 0800 072 3678 and speak to a dedicated advisor who will be glad to put your mind at rest and offer  you a superb price for your used camper or RV whilst arranging everything from a free pickup direct from your doorstep, at a time that suits you, and a fast and secure payout straight to the bank or building society account of your choice.

Contact Us
Worksop Turbine, Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Close, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8AP, UK.
Phone: 0800 072 3678, Email:, Web:

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